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Alcami Presenting Multiple Scientific Posters and Exhibiting at AAPS

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Alcami announced it will present multiple scientific posters and exhibit at the forthcoming 2023 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) PharmSci 360 Annual Meeting & Exposition, which runs from October 22-25, 2023, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. Alcami will be located at booth 3308. 

A poster titled "A Study on the Visible Aggregation of a Peptide Formulation Under Stress Conditions at Manufacturing Fill and Finish Process" will be presented by Sowmya Kulal, Sr. Scientist, Formulation Development for Sterile Products at Alcami Corporation, et al., evaluates the sensitivity of an endogenous peptide molecule to the temperature and shear forces generally encountered during manufacturing filtration and filling operations.

A second poster titled, "Quality by Design (QbD) Based Formulation and Process Optimization for a Direct Blend Process: A Risk Based Industrial Approach," by Saujanya Gosangari, Director of Technical Services at Alcami, et al., considers the interplay of critical material attributes and process parameters to gain valuable insight for the development of a well-defined formulation and process design space to assure quality attributes in the finished dosage form. 

Jason Vogt, Sr. Process engineer at Alcami Corporation, will appear in a poster titled "Perforated pan coating of directly compressed minitablets with the use of multi-tip tooling to facilitate multi-particulate drug delivery: Challenges and Outcomes," discussing the successful use of novel perforated (mesh) pan coating as an alternative to the Wurster process.

Christopher Williams, Director of Analytical Development at Alcami, will present Alcami's fourth poster, titled "Quantitation of Ethylene Oxide and Nitrosamines in Excipients and Pharmaceutical Products Using SIFT-MS," discussing the potential for SIFT-MS as an emerging technology in the pharmaceutical industry.


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