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GMP Freezer Storage Solutions

cGMP Freezer Storage for Your Pharmaceutical Products

When a pharmaceutical company needs freezer storage, they might feel compelled to use costly onsite storage so they can monitor their products themselves rather than relinquish control to an offsite storage facility. When you work with Alcami, you can avoid the cost of onsite storage and utilize that space while still feeling like your critical products are in your care. Customers use Alcami for their cGMP freezer storage needs because we take care of your materials as if they were our own.

Our expert team is committed to providing the highest quality of service. They scrupulously ensure proper storage of your clinical trial samples, biofluids, tissue samples, and other critical materials. We understand that proper storage conditions can be the difference between a successful, life-saving product and a costly, failed experiment, impacting patient lives and your company’s bottom line.

With our commitment to excellence, we make sure your products are secure and stable, so you can avoid those costly errors and move your business forward.

The Right Conditions for Your Requirements

Our freezer storage spaces offer secure freezer storage at -20°C, -40°C, and more. These ranges are ideal for

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • Biofluids
  • Cell culture materials (ie. FBS)
  • Drug products
  • Research samples
  • Stability samples

Industry-Leading Processes in cGMP Freezer Storage

We have over 30 years of experience with cGMP practices and FDA regulations, giving you the confidence that the materials you entrust to us will be in the best care. We use trusted, best-in-class, engineered products. We create and implement industry-leading processes to ensure your materials in our care remain compliant to your specifications and tolerances. In addition, we mitigate the unnecessary (yet common) heat-induced, oxymoronic defrost cycle. These ominous heat cycles are eliminated by injecting 90°F dewpoint dry air into the freezers.

When you decide to store your temperature-sensitive products in our convenient biostorage facility, you get the full attention of our knowledgeable staff along with the following:

Alcami utilizes our continuous environmental monitoring systems for all of our cGMP freezer storage chambers to track temperature and humidity. This prevents your products from deviating from specifications. In the rare event of an excursion, an alert is sent out to our response team to take immediate action.

Our validated inventory management system includes full-featured sample tracking, biorepository management, and freezer inventory program. This paperless system allows us to track and inventory every shipment we receive and store in our facility, so you never have to worry about losing track of your products. It also has a portal for customer access.

Our pre-qualified shipping containers come with calibrated SenseAnywhere dataloggers. These lightweight dataloggers track physical locations and real-time temperature, relative humidity, and differential pressure data as needed. Once your product arrives on site, it’s kept under 24/7 surveillance.

Each storage chamber is secured with a tamper and torque-resistant, non-pickable CyberLock smart lock. Every lock has a unique ID and an encrypted access code. Authorized biorepository team members have individually traceable CyberLock smart keys.

We’re accessible by all major airports, and regional customers can take advantage of our secure ground transport. When necessary, we also work with approved third-party carriers to transport your materials safely.

Alcami offers a wide range of conditions for your Pharma Storage needs.