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Pharma Support Services

Alcami offers Complementary Pharma Support Services

Alcami offers a range of Pharma Support Services, catering to the unique requirements of pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries - with a focus on precision, reliability, and customer service.

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Commissioning, Qualification and Validation (CQV)

Our validation team at Alcami is proud to exemplify the gold standard of thermal mapping validation to ensure your chambers and product storage areas operate correctly and at optimal performance.

Whether you need our support on a single chamber or 150 chambers, a small room or numerous large warehouses, you can count on our validation services team to be reliable, trustworthy partners.

  • Controlled Chambers and Storage Areas
  • Autoclave and Sterilizer Validation
  • Steam-In-Place Validation
  • Manufacturing and Lab Equipment/Computer Systems
  • Facilities and utilities

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Metrology & Calibration

Our Calibration Services are traceable to recognized International Standards, and Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 through ANAB.

We ensure your instrumentation is calibrated to yield the most accurate results - documented precisely with calibration certificates with review and approval for release following ISO/IEC 17025:2017 calibration certificate requirements. We offer varying levels of calibration certificates to meet your specific needs.

Calibration Services include the following:

  • Primary Standards Calibration
  • Datalogger Calibration
  • Temperature Instrument Calibration
  • Relative Humidity Calibration
  • Electrical Equipment Calibration
  • Pressure Device Calibrations
  • Mass Standards And Lab Weights Calibration
  • Time And Frequency Calibration

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Environmental Monitoring & Cleanroom Services

Environmental Monitoring is an essential component to your sterility assurance program. Alcami Environmental Monitoring and Cleanroom Services Team provides external sampling, testing, and consultation specifically tailored to your cleanroom and critical utilities. Our Environmental Monitoring and Cleanroom Services team has completed a rigorous training program guided by a comprehensive curriculum that covers sampling, testing, proper cleanroom behaviors, and good documentation practices following the ALCOA principles based on our own audited and inspected policies and standard operating procedures.

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