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Refrigerated Cold Storage Solutions

GMP Refrigerated Cold Storage Solutions for Biopharma and Healthcare Companies

At Alcami, we recognize that when pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and healthcare organizations need refrigerated storage, they aren’t just storing materials with us. They are asking us to secure precious assets that help patients and save lives.

When materials like tissue samples, drug substances, and vaccines aren’t stored properly, the risk is far-reaching. Improper storage can compromise the integrity and efficacy of the materials, thereby impacting patient safety. Along the same lines, if clinical study samples aren’t kept within specific temperature conditions, the entire study and years of work could be jeopardized.

Life sciences companies need a partner they can rely on because patients are relying on them. This demand is top-of-mind for us with every single customer and why you’ll always find we provide exceptional customer service and adhere to our commitment to excellence.

Refrigerated Cold Storage Conditions

Our refrigerated 2°C to 8°C storage is kept in tight tolerances to ensure stable environmental conditions for your critical materials. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature triple redundant power, secure chamber access, and advanced temperature and humidity monitoring technology to guard against damage and tampering.

We can store several items for our customers, including:

  • Vaccines
  • Tissue samples
  • Raw materials
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)/Drug substances (DS)
  • Drug products

The Benefits of Working with the Alcami Cold Storage Team

Our experienced team has over 30 years of experience with cGMP practices and FDA regulations. When you use Alcami for cGMP refrigerated storage, you’ll value our team’s expertise and these benefits.

Our continuous monitoring system, SenseAnywhere, continuously monitors our GMP refrigerated storage chambers for temperature and humidity every 5 minutes. This prevents your products from deviating from specifications. In the rare event of an excursion, an alert is sent out to our response team to take immediate action.

Our validated inventory management system, Footprint, provides meticulous paperless tracking of product location and offers a portal for customer access.

Pre-qualified shipping containers with calibrated dataloggers ensure that your materials remain in compliance from your door to ours.

Our facility comes with triple redundant power, secure chamber access, and advanced multiple monitoring technologies, so your items are protected from damage or tampering. We are conveniently located and accessible by multiple major highways and international airports. We also offer ground transport, pick-up, and delivery options for local customers.

Comprehensive security and surveillance safeguard exterior and interior doorways, building entrances, and storage chambers. Cyberlock Electronic Access Control secures each storage chamber. Tamper- and torque-resistant, non-pickable Cyberlock smart locks have a unique ID and an encrypted access code. Authorized biorepository team members have individually traceable Cyberlock smart keys.