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GMP Ultra-Low Temp Freezer Storage

Alcami’s ultra-low freezer cold storage chambers secure your materials.

If you need ultra-low freezer storage, you may be faced with a critical decision. Should you store your products onsite, where you can monitor the materials yourself while incurring the associated costs and losing valuable space? Or should you use an offsite storage facility, which frees up your resources and places the products in someone else’s hands?

When you use Alcami for your ultra-low freezer storage needs, you don’t have to make these tough decisions. We care for your products as if they were our own and save you valuable resources such as space, overhead, and management focus.

The Right Conditions for Your Ultra-Low Cold Storage Requirements

Sometimes storage needs arise even when you have an onsite ultra-low freezer. You may run out of space or need temporary storage during repairs. In any of those situations, Alcami can help. Alcami BioServices’ team of biorepository professionals will keep your materials safe and secure in our -60°C or -75°C chambers.

Ultra-low freezer storage is ideal for many cold storage applications, including

  • Biologics/Patient samples
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)/Drug substances (DS)
  • Drug products

An ultra-low freezer storage solution tailored for you

We work with our customers to find and implement the storage solution that works best for them. Each product and situation is treated uniquely, while our customers receive the same Alcami high-quality care. In addition, we mitigate the unnecessary (yet common) heat-induced defrost cycle. These ominous heat cycles are eliminated by injecting 90°F dewpoint dry air into the freezers. When you work with us, you receive the following benefits:

This cloud-based monitoring system continuously monitors our ultra-low freezer storage chambers' temperature and humidity. The system allows users to set alarms and track trends, transmitting the data via a secure wireless connection to the cloud. When there is an alarm, the response team is notified by multiple methods, ensuring there will always be an immediate response.

Our validated inventory management system includes full-featured sample tracking, biorepository management, and freezer inventory program. This paperless system allows us to track and inventory every shipment we receive and store in our facility, so you always know where your products are. It also has a portal for customer access.

We create the best possible conditions for packaging and transportation. In addition to our large inventory of traditional shippers and dataloggers, we also offer the Alcami-created “Alcami Transporter” to deliver cold products. We perform mock transportation runs and make system modifications specific to our customer’s needs. We’re accessible by all major airports, and regional customers can take advantage of our secure ground transport

Video camera surveillance constantly monitors all exterior and interior doorways, while keycard-activated locks continually secure all building and storage chamber entrances.

Each storage chamber is secured with a tamper and torque-resistant CyberLock smart lock. Every lock has a unique ID and an encrypted access code. Authorized biorepository team members have individually traceable CyberLock smart keys.