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Cryogenic Storage Solutions (LN2)

Choose Alcami for your Cryogenic Storage needs.

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies consistently choose to preserve their master and working cell banks, tissue samples, and biologics in Alcami’s state-of-the-art cryogenic storage chambers because they know their materials will be safe and secure. They also recognize that when they store with Alcami, they will be saving valuable time and money.

When a life sciences company needs cryogenic storage, it can be a costly venture. These storage chambers can run hundreds of thousands of dollars on their own, not including the cost of installation, calibration, validation, monitoring, maintenance, and oversight. The alternative to this massive undertaking is storing your precious research samples at an offsite cryogenic storage facility. While it may feel like a risk to store offsite, consider using a company like Alcami. At Alcami, we bring the highest quality of service and care to every project. Your cell banks and biologics get the Alcami treatment from the moment we receive them.

We remove the burden of onsite storage, giving you back valuable time, space, and energy so you can get back to your

Cryogenic Storage Conditions (LN2)

Our cryogenic storage tanks are validated to store your materials safely and securely:

  • Vapor Phase: colder than -135°C
  • Fully validated for vapor storage
  • Dedicated and shared space for master and working cell banks and biologic samples
  • Secure GMP storage facility

Secure Cryogenic Storage for Samples and Biologics

When you use Alcami’s vapor phase cryogenic storage, you’ll appreciate our team’s commitment to excellence and years of experience. Customers also appreciate that we have created industry-leading processes to secure cell banks and research samples. These processes include:

The SenseAnywhere system is a highly efficient cloud-based system that monitors temperature during transport. The system allows our customers to remotely access trend reports and set alerts.

Our validated inventory management system, FootPrint provides paperless tracking of product locations. Every shipment that comes into our facility is inventoried and stored in the correct location within the specified conditions. The system also has a portal for customer access.

Our cryogenic storage facility is readily accessible by multiple major highways and international airports. We can use pre-qualified shipping containers with calibrated dataloggers to ensure that your materials remain in compliance from your door to ours. For regional customers, we offer ground transport and various pick-up and delivery options to fit your needs.

We have dual redundant power back-up and direct LN2 feed from 6,000-gallon and 7,200-gallon bulk tanks.

Video camera surveillance constantly monitors all exterior and interior doorways 24/7. Access to cryogenic storage facilities is limited to specifically authorized and trained employees with the appropriate access credentials.

Each storage chamber is secured with a tamper and torque-resistant CyberLock smart lock. Every lock has a unique ID and an encrypted access code. Authorized biorepository team members have individually traceable CyberLock smart keys.

Alcami offers a wide range of storage conditions.