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Pharmaceutical Solid-State Studies

Solid-state characterization services are a crucial component of pharmaceutical development, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and efficacy of drug products.


Alcami offers Solid-State Characterization (SSC) services centered around the physicochemical characterization of small molecule APIs, discovery and evaluation of novel salts and cocrystals, assessment of polymorphic landscape, and selection of the most suitable solid-state form for development. In addition, problem-solving, lab-scale crystallization, crystallization- and formulation-batch monitoring, and routine solid-state testing are available.

This in-depth characterization not only expedites drug product development but also aids in regulatory compliance, reducing risks associated with formulation changes post-approval. Moreover, the data obtained through solid-state characterization supports cost-efficiency by minimizing the need for rework and reformulation and intellectual property protection.

Learn how Alcami can empower your company to bring safe and effective medications to market more confidently and efficiently.