MODA-EM™ Paperless QC Micro Solution

Our environmental monitoring program is further enhanced by MODA-EM™ software. This paperless quality control solution was chosen for its ability to incorporate one of our core responsibilities: data integrity. MODA-EM™'s comprehensive informatics platform combines data capture and error prevention with the flexibility to trend key quality and performance metrics.

Additional benefits of MODA-EM™ are:

  • Real-time electronic documentation from sample preparation through review

  • Email notifications for the collection, incubation, and enumeration of samples

  • Immediate notification of excursions

  • Continuous trending with visuals including heat maps


Reduction in sample collection time compared to typical paper-based processes


Reporting formats such as heat maps and sample lifecycles

21 CFR PART 11

The MODA-EMTM is a regulatory compliant platform for managing and reporting on the full spectrum of environmental monitoring information.

Anna Dormady
As our customer, we will support your decision-making process through our reporting, trending, and visualization capabilities allowing for a more in-depth process analysis. Real-time access to data and trend analysis provides you with the ability to identify negative trends early and take a proactive approach to interventions. Utilizing the completely paperless system gives the ability to spot these trends as they occur and take corrective action.
Anna Dormady
Director, Laboratory Operations

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