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Precision Fill Encapsulation

Alcami utilizes the most advanced precision fill technology with the Xceledose 600S.

The Xcelodose 600 can precision fill capsules with fill weights as low as 1.0mg with API alone, granulations, or blends.The Xcelodose® 600S allows for 100% dose accountability ensuring each capsule contains an exact amount of drug. Project timelines can be shortened by utilizing the Xcelodose® technology, allowing Alcami to ship clinical supplies in as little as three months of project kickoff.



The Xcelodose® technology can provide the following benefits to your development program: 

Decrease development time: 
Clinical supplies can be provided in as little as three months in some cases    

Decreased API requirement:
Dosing neat API into capsules eliminates the need for much of preformulation, formulation, and analytical development

Route of administration:
Xcelodose® filled capsules are ideal for oral and inhaled administration

Decreased risk of stability issues:
Dosing neat API into capsules removes the potential for excipient interactions and uniformity problems

Accurate fill with weights as low as 1.0 mg:
Ideal for limited quantity of API and increased accuracy for early phase testing

Minimize API waste:
Avoids loss of drug found on most alternative equipment

Simplify analytical methods development and testing:
Eliminates overlaps and interferences due to excipients.  Removes need for blend uniformity method

Flexible capsule-filling options:
Size 00 to 4 in gelatin or HPMC capsule shells

Dedicated product contact parts:
No need for equipment cleaning verification analytical methods or testing

Enhanced QA documentation:
100% fill weights record

21CFR Part 11 compliant

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