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Masy Bioservices is now proudly Alcami Corporation. Explore our fully integrated services.

Kaye Validator Calibration and Repairs

Ensuring Measurement Accuracy for Kaye Validators with Expert Calibration and Repairs

Kaye validators are the most critical piece of validation equipment for your thermal mapping and qualification projects. If you have a mapping or qualification project coming up, call Alcami to get your validator calibrated in advance so you can avoid delays. We will calibrate your thermal mapping system to ensure precise thermal measurement in your laboratory and production environments. You can be sure that if you work with Alcami, you will have the highest degree of accuracy, as we are consistently maintaining a return rate from our customers of less than .01%.

Validator Calibration and Repair Capabilities

We are the experts in Kaye Validator 2000 and Validator AVS calibration and repair. Not only do we have twenty years of experience calibrating and repairing Kaye validators, we use them for our mapping and qualification projects. All validator calibrations are performed in our ISO 17025:2017 accredited calibration labs and are traceable to recognized International Standards. Alcami provides you with a total solution for validator maintenance.

  • Traceable and accredited calibration of Kaye validator SIMs
  • Repair or replacement of validator components (Validator 2000 only at this time)
  • A complete system check to verify that your validator is performing as it should

Achieve Consistently Accurate Results with Kaye Validator Calibration 

When you choose Alcami for your Validator calibration needs, you are getting our experts and their commitment to the highest level of accuracy. Alcami offers SI Traceable, Accredited validator calibration. We take great care to ensure your validators are precisely calibrated and returned with the appropriate documentation certifying accuracy.

ANAB-Accredited and Traceable Calibrations

We are proud to be Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 through ANAB, and all primary reference standards are traceable to recognized International Standards, allowing us to provide optimal measurement accuracy. Many of Alcami's primary reference standards are sent directly to NIST for calibration and direct traceability.