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Mechanical and Force Instrument Calibration

Ensuring Accuracy for Optimal Conditions

Alcami strives to help companies meet good storage practices to protect valuable inventory. Ensuring your product is free from contamination is crucial for any company, particularly pharmaceutical companies concerned with patient safety. Alcami implements numerous safeguards to ensure your storage products are not over or under torqued. As a single source for reliable services across a wide range of devices and instruments, Alcami offers convenience and simplifies calibration activities to save you time and money.

Mechanical and Force Calibration 

Our torque and force calibration services employ industry-leading methods to increase confidence and optimize the shelf life of your product. Alcami uses state-of-the art torque wrench calibration standards to calibrate your torque devices with reliable accuracy.

  • Torque screwdrivers from 5 in-lbf to 250 ft-lbf
  • Torque wrenches from 5 in-lbf to 250 ft-lbf
  • Torque watches from 5 in-ozf to 200 in-ozf
  • Cap torque testers from 0 ft-lbf to 250 in-lbf 
  • Torque calibrators from 0 ft-lbf to 250 ft-lbf
  • Force gages from 0 lbf to 100 lbf

Reduce Risk with Consistently Accurate Results

Our customers trust us for top-quality SI-traceable calibration services, quick turnaround, letter-perfect certificates and the lowest industry uncertainties. Alcami sets the standard for quality calibrations with calibrations traceable to the SI, repeatable results, and strict environmental conditions.

Monitoring lab conditions throughout your calibration cycle is critical to accurate results. Alcami monitors our lab conditions 24/7 and halts calibrations if conditions stray from your environmental specifications. We record the environmental conditions on each calibration certificate to build greater confidence in our calibration services.