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Alcami Voices: Risk Mitigation in the CDMO Space

Although there is no such thing as a truly “crisis-proof” organization, how are you working to mitigate risks for future crises like the COVID-19 pandemic?

We’ve learned this year to expect the unexpected, and I don’t think any organization can be 100% “crisis-proof.” Still, at Alcami, we work very hard to be proactive and prepared for anything that may come our way. This effort applies beyond natural disasters and force majeure events to anything that may not go as planned. I’m confident anyone working in drug development would agree; unforeseen challenges will inevitably arise somewhere along the way.

At Alcami, our size enables us to adjust quickly and adapt to crises. For instance, this year we have embraced remote working and virtual solutions. Alcami employees have been amazingly creative and persistent in overcoming other challenges like supply chain issues that have come with the pandemic. We’ve maintained operations at all sites and even have a new sterile facility in RTP, North Carolina, on schedule to be operational in October.

Casey Franklin

A huge part of Alcami’s ability to be “crisis-proof” is the willingness of our employees to go above and beyond to ensure that our work can go on. We are a small cog in the giant machine responsible for providing lifesaving medications, and that is a big responsibility. Across all departments, we keep in mind the patients that our work is benefiting in the end, and that always provides the motivation needed to overcome whatever crisis we may encounter.

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Pharma's Almanac
Vol. 6, No. 4
Q4 2020
Page: 177

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