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Elevate Product Stewardship and Exceed Your Sustainability Goals

At Alcami, the health of our workers is not taken lightly. Rooted in the foundation of The Alcami Way, safety comes first and is one of our non-negotiables. As a trusted partner and supplier, we can help you achieve your product stewardship and environmental sustainability principles by providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

The globalization of the pharmaceutical industry has led to supply chains that can be extremely complex and difficult to manage. In some cases, the health and safety practices can be vastly different from the current expectations from the public and shareholders. As sustainability intelligence increases, transformative operational strategies are needed to optimize your supply chains and meet your goals.

Alcami employs a strategic, risk-based approach to protect our workers from over-exposure to chemical, biological, or physical hazards. Through leveraging existing data to perform an in-depth weight-of-evidence assessment, we are able to study the toxicological profile of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) prior to delivering a proposal. We take pride in establishing a collaborative partnership with our clients from the very beginning. This approach allows us to adequately assess the potential hazards and design efficient and sustainable processes that will enable us to successfully and safely deliver products in a timely fashion to our clients.  

For example, by categorizing API and drug products according to our internal scale, we provide our employees with not only an assessment of the toxicity and potency of the chemical but also specific guidance with respect to its handling in laboratory and manufacturing environments. The safety information (e.g., band or category) is made available to all employees in our electronic document management system, and employees are trained to use this information to inform the safe handling and cleaning procedures needed throughout the lifecycle of the material within Alcami facilities. 

For both manufacturing and laboratory operations, Alcami uses risk-based strategies to mitigate worker exposure. By effectively using a hierarchy of controls, risks are mitigated first using engineering and administrative controls. For added protection, adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), ranging from custom safety glasses to air purifying and air-supplied respirators, are provided to workers. Through the use of procedures, training, and with a dedicated environmental health and safety (EH&S) staff, our employees are able to safely and efficiently navigate through operations to provide world-class service to our clients. 

Overall, our goal is to send our employees home at the end of the workday the same way they arrived.  This is Alcami’s commitment to our employees and to their families. If you have the same commitment to your employees, let’s work together to make this our commitment to your supply chain.

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