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Limited Lab Capacity? An Extended Workbench Program Can Help

Many small or virtual companies lack the square footage necessary to accommodate full-scale laboratories. To help alleviate this stressor, Alcami can dedicate its laboratory space and scientists to help ensure your project is a success and is completed on schedule. If you're challenged with limited laboratory space, let our scientists be your scientists with the help of an Extended Workbench program. 

As one of the industry's leading laboratory service providers, Alcami has the capabilities, technologies, and experience to handle all aspects of your laboratory needs. Alcami offers support not only for individualized scopes of work, but also an array of solutions from small one-to-two person programs to those of significantly larger in size. 

What can a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Program do for you?

    • Dedicated Project Management and Technical Leadership
      • Daily, weekly, or client determined frequency status updates and communications with Alcami leadership via teleconference, video, or in-person
      • Sample shipment planning and delivery management
      • Timeline and regulatory management
      • Dedicated staff ranging from entry-level analyst to senior-level management and analytical personnel
    • Dedicated Digital Access
      • 24/7 digital access to all program documentation, including certificates of analysis, raw data, sample submission, etc., via secure SharePoint
      • Personalized online submission form to streamline submission to Alcami
    • Flexible Resources
      • Alcami will offer a flexible resource pool as needed, such as ad hoc rush turnaround needs, ad hoc bolus of testing needs, emergency support to support manufacturing, in addition to a contracted number of extended workbench employees
      • Fixed cost solution that eliminates variable costs
    • Alcami-Sponsored Site Audits of Additional Facilities
      • Alcami has 4 laboratory facilities in Wilmington NC; Durham, NC; St. Louis, MO; and Morrisville, NC.

Alcami is dedicated to providing a creative and personalized solution for your business. The extended workbench program has the capability, capacity, and flexibility to meet your testing needs. Our goal is to provide a seamless solution integrated to the extent that Alcami is effectively an internal resource for your company.

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