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Probity checks

CV fraud has significantly increased in the last six years with employment history and educational misrepresentations doubling. 40% of employment history checks uncover an inconsistency, with the major reason being salary package and position held. One in every 18 Applicants inflated their previous salary by more than AUD$10,0001.

alcami is able to provide independent and rigorous identity, integrity and credential checks through an independent third party enabling organisations to safeguard against costly bad hires.

Conducting a probity check through alcami can help mitigate fraud and corruption risk with potential new hires, ultimately assisting you to make smarter employment decisions.

Technical assessments

alcami is able to provide extensive technical testing for candidates, employees and contractors online with immediate and comprehensive results.

alcami technical assessments follow an adaptive testing program that includes a suite of over 500 computer based examinations, in which question difficulty changes depending on answers to prior questions. The methodology employed generates a thorough analysis of an individual’s true skill level and ranked against a global pool of other results.

Organisations that have used this testing program have reported:

Hiring time cut by up to 55%
Training costs reduced by up to 22%
Staff attrition reduced by up to 15%
Assessment development time reduced by up to 95%

  1. First Advantage 2010 - Background screening trends Australia report.
  Brief summary
  • alcami checks for CV fraud, which has doubled over the last 6 years to 40%
  • alcami provide extensive technical testing for candidates which cuts hiring time by up to 55% among other benefits
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