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What I learned about ecommerce from Coles
What I learned about ecommerce from Coles

At alcami I spend a lot of time working with our ecommerce clients on their digital strategy. When it comes to making them money there are two main things to strive for. Firstly, we aim to maximise the volume of quality traffic coming to the site using channels such as SEO, SEM, display advertising (banners) and social media.

Maximising conversion rate

Secondly, we look at how to maximise the conversion rate, that is, the percentage of vistors who actually buy something. We call this process Conversion Optimisation and it's part of the SEO service our team offers. A website that provides the ultimate online shopping experience, will in the end benefit from the highest conversion rate. The less users have to think about how to use a website, the more time they have to focus on the task at hand – shopping.

I spend almost half of my time living in the ‘real world’ these days, and I have started to take notice how the same questions have been poised by retail stores “How do we get more customers to buy from us

Even now, Ecommerce is still in it's infancy in Australia. Many retailers still don't see it as a critical element of their business's success. In the US and UK however, it's a very different story.

  Brief summary
  • alcami strives for 2 main things, maximise volume of quality traffic and maximising conversion rate.
  • Ecommerce is still in its infancy in Australia with most retailers still not seeing it as a critical element of their business success
29 April 2011
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